Specialist Translations

As a professional translator, I offer excellent quality translations of various text types, ranging from simple cover letters to complex texts. Over the course of my career, I have specialized in a wide range of fields including:

  • Technology (automotive engineering, aircraft engineering, industrial technology)
  • Medicine (clinical studies, doctors’ letters, package inserts)
  • Tourism (websites, catalogues, travel guides)
  • Beauty (Skin care, color cosmetics, nails, waxing)
  • Literature (recipe books, children’s books)
  • Shoe- and watchmaking
  • Dance and dance education

A quality translation not only requires linguistic expertise, but also specialist knowledge. My profession requires that I regularly immerse myself in new subject areas, which is why I am able to familiarise myself with new topics quickly and flexibly.

In line with my customers’ requirements and taking account of the function of the target text, I aim to create an equivalent translation, transferring both the idea and style of the source text into the target language while adapting the structure and text conventions to the target audience. In doing so, I also consider cultural aspects relevant to the source and target linguistic regions in order to incorporate them in the target text. As a result, a quality translation reads like an original text in the target language and culture.

Entrust your texts to a competent, dedicated, and reliable translator with expertise. On-time delivery and confidential treatment of your data are for me a matter of course. I look forward to hearing from you!